Accident With Benny Dayal During Live Concert Drone Fell On Head, Fingers Cut

Benny Dayal: Bollywood singer Benny Dayal was injured during a music concert in Chennai. Video was being made by drone in Singer’s music concert. During the program, the drone fell on Benny’s head on stage. Singer was injured by the drone. Benny suffered a head injury, as well as his finger was also cut by the drone’s blade. Famous singer gave this information by posting a video on social media.

A few days ago, Benny Dayal went to a concert in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. During the program, Singer got injured due to the fall of the drone. Posting a video on social media, Benny said that the blade of the drone’s fan hit the back of his head. The hand was also injured but at present the singer is healthy. He is hopeful that head and hand injuries will heal soon.

Expressed pain on Instagram

But the organizers should be more careful for the safety of the artists. Beni also gave this message on social media. In the video, he said, “While talking to the artists, their security should also be kept in mind. While signing the contract, do not come too close to the drone during the performance. Because when you are performing on the stage, your movements are monitored by the drone.” It is not possible to keep drones. Accidents happen because of drones. I also request those who are organizing this event – please someone who is competent, who has experience of flying drones.”

He said, “We are not the Vijay Deverakonda, Ajay Devgan or Salman Khan of the screen, we were not doing any action scenes that required shooting. We didn’t even do stunts there. We are artistes, we sing songs on the stage.” For.”

After this video, many actors of the film industry have stood in favor of Beni. Under Beni’s Instagram post, popular singer Armaan Malik wrote, “What a problem! Hope you get well soon.”

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