Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Anuj Insulted Anupamaa Motherhood Anu Got Hurt Know More

Anupamaa New Episode: Anuj has lost his temper in the show Anupama. Seeing little Anu going away from him, he is unable to bear the fact that Maya is taking him away from her. Here, Anupama is understanding Maya’s trick. In such a situation, so that there is no harm to the child, she convinces Anuj to let the younger Anu go with her mother. But Anuj does not understand this and begins to misunderstand Anupama. During this, Anuj tells Anupama a lot, which makes Anupama dizzy.

Anuj spoke bitter words to Anupama, Anu was shocked

What will happen next? When Anupama will explain to Anuj that both of them cannot stop the younger Anu from going with Maya, then Anuj will be angry with Anupama. Meanwhile, Anuj will tell Anupama that what will happen to her, if Anuj’s daughter will go. All the three children of Anupama are with him. Anuj will say – When any of your three children have any problem, you also moan in pain, which I can understand, I can understand your affection. But you are not understanding my pain, because all your three children are with you.

Anupama in shock

On hearing this, Anupama will be very shocked, Anuj will alienate Anupama in a moment, after which Anupama will be very hurt. Anuj will not stop here. He will further say- ‘I remembered, that day I told you that I love little Anu more than you, you have become positive. I cannot believe that Anupama whom I loved so much is so positive that she is telling a father to let his daughter go. You could not tolerate this when I said that I cannot live without little Anu even for 26 days. How will Anupama react after hearing all this? Will Anupama stand up for her self-respect this time? This is going to be very interesting to see.

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