Kabzaa Twitter Review Audience Slam Upendra Kiccha Sudeep Film Says Its Cheap Version Of KGF | Kabzaa Twitter Review: Audience didn’t like ‘Kabza’, said

Kabzaa Twitter Review: For some time now, South films have been making a splash at the box office. Almost every film has won the hearts of the people, but the audience did not like the film ‘Khajwar’ which was released on March 17. In this movie, stars like Upendra, Kicha Sudeep, Shiva Kumar and Shriya Saran have played lead roles. People who have seen the film say that ‘Kabja’ is a cheap copy of the blockbuster ‘KGF’.

Fans were disappointed after watching the film Capture
The audience reaching the theaters to watch the film Capture is disappointed. Many people have vented their anger on social media regarding the film. A Twitter user wrote, ‘If you have seen KGF 1 and KGF 2, then you can avoid it. This is the cheap version of KGF. The film is not engaging and Upendra’s performance is very poor. Another user wrote, ‘This is a boring film. Patchy editing and emotionally she is not able to engage ‘.

The film did not live up to the expectations of the people
Another user wrote on Twitter, ‘Watched the movie Capture in Canada. If KGF is 10 out of 10 then Occupy is 0 out of 10. Do not waste your money and time to watch this film. This is how people say that the movie Capture is not worth watching. It is known that when the teaser of this movie was released, there was a lot of buzz about it, but after the release, this movie could not live up to the expectations of the people.

‘Kabja’ clashed with these films
Upendra’s film Capture is made in Kannada language, which is directed by R Chandru. It has been released in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil languages. Let us inform that two Bollywood films have been released with ‘Kabja’, including Rani Mukherjee’s ‘Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway’ and Kapil Sharma’s ‘Zwigato’.

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