Shubhangi Atre Divorce Piyush Gave Full Support To Angoori Bhabhi Aka Shubhangi Atres Acting Career Left His Job For His Wife

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain Actress Shubhangi Atre: TV show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’s popular actress Shubhangi Atre has parted ways with husband Piyush. He himself made this news public. Shubhangi has become a well-known actress in the TV industry today. But he has worked hard to reach this place. In this difficult journey, Piyush has also supported him whole heartedly. Actress Shubhangi Atre herself told about this. Shubhangi Atre started her career after marriage. Not only this, after having a child, he had geared up and stepped into the acting field. By the time the daughter was 2 years old, Shubhangi was ready to launch herself in the glamor world. After this the husband supported her. The special thing is that at that time Shubhangi’s husband had left his job to support her.

Piyush quit his job to support his wife

After giving birth to a daughter at the age of 21, Shubhangi worked hard on herself. Whereas Piyush and Shubhangi divided their responsibilities. Both shared responsibilities regarding the upbringing of the child. According to TOI, actress Shubhangi had told- ‘I was in Pune and my husband was working for an advertisement company. Then our child was one year old. I was taking full care of her. After that I started giving auditions. I got the show Kasauti Zindagi, then Kasturi too, at that time Piyush left his job. He did this only so that I could fulfill my dream of acting career. Slowly our work started getting done. After everything got settled, we found new ways and they resumed their work.

Piyush gave full support to Shubhangi so that she could focus on her career

The actress had also told that ‘at that time there were many people who considered my doing so wrong. So many people were also surprised that how I am managing like this and I am getting support from the family as well. Shubhangi had also told about Piyush and his family that they are all very supportive about his career. She had said- ‘Apart from my husband, my family is also very supportive. When we need our parents, they immediately come to us on call and help us to handle the situation. No one ever told or made me feel that your daughter was crying for you. It has been very normal.

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