Story of ‘Hera Pheri 3’ leaked, this time Raju, Babu Bhaiya and Shyam will rock abroad

These days only the third film of Hera Pheri series ‘Hera Pheri 3’ is being discussed in Bollywood corridors. A few days ago the trailer of the film was shot, whose photos made fans happy on social media. These days the news is becoming very viral in the media that the shooting of this film will be completed soon.

In the third film of Hera Pheri, once again the trio of Raju, Shyam and Babu Bhaiya are ready to entertain the fans. Meanwhile, a big update has come about the film. Actually the ending of the film ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ was tremendous. In such a situation, everyone wanted to know what will happen next in the film. Only 3 out of 10 people can recognize Bollywood stars of 1980-1990

In fact, such news has come to the fore regarding the film ‘Hera Pheri 3’, knowing about which the fans will be happy. If the E-Times report is to be believed, ‘Hera Pheri 3’ will start from where ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ ended.

A source close to the film revealed, “Fans are very excited to know what happens to the guns and will Hera Pheri 3 begin again with the ending of Hera Pheri or not? From there there will be a leap in the story of the film and Shyam, Raju and Babu Bhaiya will reach abroad in the affair of Guns and Mafia. ‘Hera Pheri’ Aishwarya fails in front of the beauty of the little girl seen in the film

The source also revealed, “Very few people know that the plot of Hera Pheri 3 was written by the late writer Neeraj Vora. In fact, this veteran had also contributed significantly in both the films of the ‘Hairy Ferry’ franchise. This plot of his will give a modern touch to the film. Not only this, new members will also be introduced this time in Hera Pheri 3, in which Sanjay Dutt will be seen playing the role of a gangster.

It has been revealed who will be the lead actor in ‘Hera Pheri 3’, but still no official announcement has been made regarding who will be the actress in the film. Although the name discussion of Kiara Advani and Kirti Sanon is very fast.

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