Uorfi Javed React On Sonali Kulkarni Statement That Many Girls Are Lazy In India Says Insensitive Read Her Tweet

Orfi Javed On Sonali Kulkarni: Actress Sonali Kulkarni has been in headlines for some time now for one of her statements. He said in an event that many girls in India have become very lazy. They want such a boyfriend or husband who has a good job but they do not want to work themselves. Many people are supporting this statement of Sonali, while some people have also criticized it. Now Urfi Javed has given his reaction in this matter.

Urfi Javed reacted to Sonali’s statement

Retweeting Sonali Kulkarni’s video, Urfi Javed wrote in the caption, “Whatever you have said is very insensitive.” You are calling the women of modern times lazy. While she is handling household chores along with her work?

consider women as child-bearing machines

What’s wrong with wanting a husband who earns well? Men have seen women only as child producing machines for centuries and yes the main reason for marriage is dowry. Never be afraid to ask or demand girls. Yes, you are right that girls should work, but it is a privilege that not everyone gets.

What did Sonali Kulkarni say?

Sonali Kulkarni called Indian girls lazy in an event, a video of which is going viral since last few days. In the video, Sonali Kulkarni says, “Many girls in India are lazy, they want a boyfriend or husband who has a good job, who has a house, who is sure that he will get an increment, but that girl does not have that much courage.” Is that he can say what I will do when you marry me.

encourage girls

Actress Sonali Kulkarni further said, “I would like to advise all of you to encourage the girls in your house and make them capable enough to bear their own expenses and support the partner.”

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