Uorfi Javed Talked About Her Success With Working Big Designers Says She Has No Work Right Now | After modeling for big designers, Uorfi Javed no longer has work, said

Orfi Javed On Work: Urfi Javed has earned a name on her own in the fashion world. There was a time when no designer would give him his outfits. Today she is working with renowned designers of the country and attending big parties. From doing photoshoots for Dirty magazine to working with famous designers Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla and Gaurav Gupta, Urfi finally got what she wanted. However, many are not deterring from criticizing his success as well.

No designer used to give clothes to Urfi

Urfi Javed has always been trolled for her bold, experimental and unique dressing sense. Today when she is working with big designers and attending their parties. In an interview given to ‘Hindustan Times’, Urfi said, “It is a good feeling, but I don’t want any validation from anyone. Today I am popular because of what I did, not because some designers are dressing me up. No designer used to give me clothes, that’s why I started designing on my own. I was not a big name before.

Urfi Javed did not know his own vision

Urfi Javed further told that if a designer did not give him his clothes, it was because he did not want to take a risk with his brand. Urfi said, “I myself did not know what I was doing. Then how do people trust me? Now they can see my vision. Maybe tomorrow I will not work with any new person in the industry until they prove themselves. So you don’t take risk with your brand. I never had a problem that no one gave me clothes. I proved my point.”

urfi has no work

Urfi Javed may be climbing the stairs of success, but she does not call it success. The actress says, “Meeting with famous people does not mean that success is achieved or work is being done. Only your hard work can get you work. At this time I have no work in my hands. I’m fashionable, but it doesn’t take much work. I’ve got my hopes up. These things take time.”

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