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Goddess Saraswati: Patnaites invoke Goddess of Learning on Basant Panchami.

Patna, Goddess Saraswatithe deity of arts and knowledge as per Hindu beliefs, was worshiped with great fervour in the city, particularly by the students and youthson the occasion of Basant Panchami on Wednesday.
Devotees wearing yellow attires thronged temples and pandals to seek blessings of the divine Mother. Besides, young boys and girls, decked up in traditional attires β€” mainly yellow β€” visited their educational institutions where they offered ‘pushpanjali’ (floral offering), seeking success in their academic careers.
Suraj Kumar, who is going to appear in the Matriculation examination, said the auspicious day falls only a day before his exam. β€œI pray that all the questions asked in the exam be easy and that I can give my best,” he said.
Many recited ‘Saraswati Vandana’ (prayer).
Before the rituals began, the temples of learning, private houses, some public establishments as well as community pandals installed beautiful idols of the Goddess on the altars to invoke her.
These educational institutions, hostels, public establishments and community puja pandals were decked up with flowers and lights for the occasion. Students, teachers and visitors turned up in large numbers to offer prayers and a series of cultural events were also organized.
At a pandal outside Kalidas Rangalaya, the volunteers decorated the altar with colorful ‘rangoli’ and flower petals. Kirti Singh, a devotee, said many artists have placed their instruments before the idol and prayed for their success. β€œI also did the same,” she said, adding that she loves to play sitar and sing songs.
BN College campus was also reverberated with religious songs and the pandal was festooned with lights and decorated with flowers along with other puja items.
Throughout the day, students and college staff were seen busy with the festivities. Pankaj Kumar, a second-year student, said arrangements of ‘bhoj’ and ‘prasad’ were also made for the devotees. β€œThe festivities will continue till midnight,” he said.
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