Visit of G20 foreign delegates: Traffic arrangements in full swing for today

Visit of G20 Foreign Delegates
Image source: G20 India Twitter Visit of G20 foreign delegates: Traffic arrangements in full swing for today

To ensure a smooth drive for the G20 delegates, traffic personnel will be deployed on major stretches of the road from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The garden will be taken.

Over 1,500 police personnel, including 200 traffic personnel, have been deployed along major stretches including the National Highway-48. The G20 anti-corruption working group met at The Leela Hotel in Gurugram on Friday, and at least 100 foreign delegates from 39 countries who are in the city for the meeting will be taken on a tour of Sultanpur Park and Pratapgarh Farm on Saturday.

In view of the visit of the delegates, the road from Leela Hotel to Sultanpur Park has been reconstructed and beautified.

Twenty police officers will be deployed at each location to manage traffic, and other routes leading to Sultanpur such as the Dwarka Expressway and the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway will also be monitored by traffic teams.

Besides this, alternative routes to take the delegates to Sultanpur and Jhajjar were also repaired and beautified, according to Gurugram Deputy Commissioner (DC) Nishant Kumar Yadav. Elaborate traffic arrangements have been made to ensure that the vehicles carrying the G20 delegates have free passage and a smooth journey. On arrival, delegates will be greeted by school children and given welcome gifts of rose buds and a park hat/badge.

During their visit to the park, delegates will participate in tree planting drives and will be taken inside in golf carts. A “Tree Grove Selfie Point” has also been set up for the delegates. Soft drinks and juices will be served to the delegates at the plantation site, and they will be taken around the park for an hour to watch the birds. Before being driven to Jhajjar, the delegates will receive small park mementos. The delegates expressed their excitement about the excursion and are looking forward to bird watching at Sultanpur Park. Urs Andreas from Switzerland and Laura Pavola from Australia appreciated the team for organizing an exemplary event and expressed their enthusiasm for the tour.

frequently Asked question:

Q1: What is the purpose of the visit of the G20 delegates?

The objective of the tour is to take the delegates to Sultanpur National Park and Pratapgarh Farms for bird watching and tree plantation drive.

Q2: How are the roads laid out for the delegates?
Roads leading to Sultanpur National Park and Pratapgarh Farms have been repaired and beautified to ensure a pleasant journey for the delegates.

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