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Khaki embarrassed in Patna, SHO did dirty work with female sub-inspector, made video.

A female inspector has accused the inspector of a police station in the capital of Bihar of forcibly sexually assaulting her. The female inspector has lodged an FIR against the inspector in the SC-ST police station. He has written in the application given in the police station that the inspector used to forcibly call me to his quarter and used to do wrong things with me. He also threatened that if you tell this to anyone or do not listen to me, I will suspend you. The case has been registered.

As soon as the transfer took place, the female sub-inspector registered the case. 
The case has been registered in the SC-ST section of Patna district. In the application given in the police station, the female sub-inspector says that she is a resident of Gobarsahi in Muzaffarpur district. Presently she was posted in Jakkanpur police station. Sudama Prasad Singh was the inspector there. Sudama Prasad Singh’s tenure was from 1 November 2021 to 30 January 2024, but as soon as he was transferred, the female inspector filed a case of sexual harassment against him. In this regard, SC-ST police station in-charge Rajkumar said that a case has been registered on February 1. The case is being investigated.


Due to being a Scheduled Caste, I was sexually exploited.
In the application, the female sub-inspector has written that since I am from a Scheduled Caste, the police station incharge Sudama Kumar Singh used to harass me in various ways while performing duty and other work. He used to pressurize me to come to his residence in the police station premises. He would also say that if you do not work as per my orders or do not listen to me, then he will get you suspended on charges of negligence in work. He also threatened that my reach was too high. He mentioned several times that I have access to the Superintendent of Police here as well as other Superintendents of Police, so do as I say.

Made unconscious after drinking coffee at the quarter, then robbed Asmat. 
In the application, the female inspector has written that one day he called me to his quarter. When I reached there, they gave me coffee to drink. When I was reluctant to drink coffee, he put pressure on me being a senior and asked me to drink coffee. I could not ignore the orders of my senior officer so I had to drink coffee. As soon as I drank coffee, I became unconscious and when I regained consciousness, everything was gone. I was naked on his bed. Seeing myself in this state, I started crying.

The accused police station chief started blackmailing by making videos. 
In the application, the female inspector has written that by making me unconscious he not only did wrong things to me but at the same time he also made obscene videos. Now they started sexually exploiting me by citing the video. When I refused, he started threatening to show that video to my husband. He also threatened to suspend me, so I was forced to follow his instructions. I was forced to bear all that to save my job.


I had a miscarriage due to assault. 
In the application, the female inspector has written that I became pregnant because of his routine work. The victim says that on September 15, 2023, Sudama Singh hit me on my stomach so hard that I miscarried. He said that all the documents of that abortion are available with me.

She even received death threats. 
The victim says that the reason for abortion and sexual exploitation of her was that I belonged to the depressed class, Scheduled Caste. Accused police station incharge Sudama Prasad Singh used to threaten me that you cannot harm me. The victim told that when I asked Sudama Kumar Singh to delete obscene videos and photos, he used to silence me by threatening me with my job and life.


The victim has also appealed to the Women’s Commission. 
The victim has appealed to both the SCST police station and the Women’s Commission for justice. SCST police station incharge Raj Kumar said that the matter is being investigated. Appropriate action will be taken after investigation.

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