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Four Surgical Methods For Permanent Tattoo Removal With Prices

Four surgical methods of permanent tattoo removal
Image source: Freepik Four Surgical Methods For Permanent Tattoo Removal With Prices

Tattoos are a great way to narrate a story, notion or belief. They represent principles, personalities, and sometimes even remembrance. In most cases, they include the names of our loved ones! However, tattoos sometimes become a source of trouble. Being a trigger for regretful memories or premature decisions, permanent tattoo removal can be painful. Fortunately, it is possible to remove permanent tattoos in a variety of ways.

Getting rid of permanent tattoos can be difficult, but surgical techniques are the most effective, safe, and cost-effective way to remove them. Learn about how to get rid of a permanent tattoo:

Cryosurgery (Rs 4000-10,000):

This technique of getting rid of a tattoo involves lowering the temperature using liquid nitrogen or other freezing agents to numb the tattooed area. Once the color of the tattoo fades, the skin peels off. Cryosurgery can be painful and should be avoided by people with sensitive skin.

Laser Treatment (Rs 2000-5000 per session):

Laser tattoo removal is a popular method of getting rid of permanent tattoos. This involves breaking down the pigment of the ink by shining a strong light beam onto the skin, with dark pigments responding better to laser treatment than colored ones. This may take 4-5 sessions or even more.

Intense Pulsed Light Method (Rs 40000-200000):

The top layer of skin is removed, and the coloring pigment of the tattoo is broken down using a broad spectrum of light. This technique is ideal for treating large tattoos, as it is much less painful than laser treatment. However, it is not recommended for darker skin tones, as the permanent removal of color may result in hypopigmentation.

Dermabrasion (Rs. 3000–5000 per sitting):

Dermabrasion is a method of skin resurfacing that involves sanding down the tattooed skin with a spinning abrasive brush. To reduce bleeding, one should not use painkillers, and multiple sessions may be required to remove the tattoo. The size of the tattoo affects the result.

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