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Holi 2023: Protect your hair with these pre and post hair care routines

Hair Care Tips For Holi 2023
Image source: TWITTER/@_SKIN_CARE Hair Care Tips For Holi 2023

Holi, the festival of colours, is just around the corner. We are sure that all of you will be ready to enjoy the festival with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Applying Holi colors only means dry, rough and lifeless hair. This often leads to split ends and breakage. Ahead of Holi, our hair demands extra personal care to stay soft, bouncy and healthy. It becomes imperative to protect your hair from the harmful dyes in the market. So let’s have a look at some hair care tips to keep your hair in great shape.

hair care tips for holi

hair care before holi

  • Oiling hair is a must: Ladies, going out to play Holi without oiling it is not an option. Holi colors can damage our hair to a great extent, so it is necessary to apply oil to hair before playing Holi. Whether it is coconut oil, olive oil or whatever oil you usually use, coating your hair with oils reduces the effect of the chemicals in the colours. Oiling your hair will not only do this but also prevent the color from setting easily in your mane, making it easier for you to wash them out later. Also, try not to leave your hair open and instead tie them in a bun or ponytail to avoid maximum damage. Being a bride-to-be isn’t dry and damaged hair and these basic remedies are the best hair care tips before playing Holi.
  • Cover them up: Covering your head with a cap and scarf is another hair care tip before Holi. Look your stylish best while protecting your luscious tresses from damage.

hair care after holi

  • Shampooing: To take care of your hair after playing Holi, first wash your hair thoroughly with plenty of water and then shampoo it thoroughly with a natural shampoo. Massage the shampoo thoroughly into your scalp to make sure all the color is washed out and doesn’t stay.
  • Conditioning is essential: After shampooing it is essential that you condition your hair well to nourish it and moisturize it to prevent it from getting frizzy and dry.
  • Using home remedies: A popular suggestion for hair care after Holi is to use natural remedies. Oiling your hair before every wash, avoiding excessive hair styling, or using homemade masks is all you need to do. Use natural homemade masks as a hair treatment for the next few weeks so that your hair can regain its healthy strength and shine back. One of the best masks to treat your dry hair is a mixture of egg, honey and curd. Add one tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of curd to a well-beaten egg to get a rich creamy consistency. Apply it thoroughly on your scalp and hair and leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it off.

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