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Holi Party 2023: Tips To Organize The Best Holi Celebration At Home

Image source: Freepik Holi Party 2023: Tips To Organize The Best Holi Celebration

The festival of colors is coming soon and it is with the most enthusiasm and vibrancy. Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Phalgun, which is often in February or March. It is sometimes called the “Festival of Colours” or the “Festival of Love”. The festival honors the beginning of spring, the victory of good over evil, and the enduring love between Lord Krishna and Radha.

Here are the 5 biggest tips to keep in mind while organizing a Holi party for 2023.

Guest List: The guest list is the first step in planning the budget and venue. To ensure that the host can hold as many people as it pleases, it must be arranged correctly.

Holi-Themed Invitations: Beautiful invitations are a great way to show creativity and enthusiasm during the festivities. Create unique handcrafted or printed invitations, and send with sweets or colored powder.

Create Playlist: Holi celebrations are incomplete without dancing to popular Bollywood songs, especially “Rang Barse”. Plus, they’re a great way to dance along to jazzy, upbeat music at the ceremony.

Holi Party Decoration: The on-the-spot decorations add to the fun during the festival. Create a festive atmosphere with bright flowers, colorful accessories like pillows, rugs, and wall accents, and an eye-catching table.

Have a color palette ready: Holi is the festival of colours, so keep your colorful gulal and flowers ready to welcome the guests.

Dishes and Games: Wow your guests with delicious Holi treats like thandai, gujiya and other yummy Holi treats.

Wear White: White is the color associated with peace and also represents brotherhood, contentment and wealth. Wearing white on Holi signifies mental clarity and happiness thus erasing all worries.

stay safe: To stay safe, make your safety a priority during the festivities. Maintain supervision of the child and stay away from any risky behaviour.

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