Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar ruled out free electricity till 2025, calling it smart pre-paid meters. Patna News

Patna: CM Nitish Kumar said in the state assembly on Wednesday that the ongoing project to install smart pre-paid meters for electricity consumers in the state would be completed by 2025. Also, he refused to give free electricity to any section. electricity consumer.
The Chief Minister made an announcement in this regard in the Legislative Assembly while replying to the discussion on the motion of thanks on the address of Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar in the joint session of the State Legislature on Monday, the day of the inauguration of the budget session.
Nitish said that a recent survey showed that 93% people in rural areas and 92% in urban areas are in favor of prohibition in the state. He also assured the people of the state of creating 10 lakh government jobs and work opportunities for an equal number of people.
Taking cue from the questions raised, the CM said that the Energy Department is looking into the problem of inflated bills received by electricity consumers and the matter will be resolved soon. He said that the problem of inflated bills would end with smart prepaid meters. Nitish said that these meters have so far been installed for 12.50 lakh electricity consumers.
The CM said that so far 1,354 agriculture feeders have been made and electricity connections have been given to 3.54 lakh farmers.
Nitish said that the government is buying electricity at the rate of Rs 5.55 per unit, but electricity consumers are being charged at a nominal rate of 70 paise per unit.
Nitish said that he is against giving free electricity to farmers or any other category of electricity consumers.
“Even a modest electricity charge gives consumers the satisfaction that they have a connection,” he added. He said that the government is also taking steps for generation and promotion of solar energy, including at the panchayat level.
The CM also spoke on issues related to his Samadhan Yatra and Saat Nishchay-2, a new scheme on the lines of which was being worked on by the concerned authorities. “It will be made public later,” he said. their work.
Promoting girl child education has also led to their empowerment, pointing out that research has shown that the fertility rate of matriculate educated women in the state is 2 and that of intermediate pass women is 1.6 in the state, which is in line with the national pattern . Adding to this, Nitish said, the state’s population would stabilize by 2040. He said that education among Muslim girls is also being promoted, which should also stabilize the Muslim population.
Speaker Awadh Bihari Chowdhary discussed the Governor’s address from Tuesday after Finance Minister Vijay Kumar Chowdhary presented the state budget, Leader of Opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha, Ajit Sharma from Congress, Ajay from CPM among those who participated in the discussion on Wednesday Kumar, Suryakant Paswan from CPI, Akhtarul Iman, Raj Kumar Singh and Prahlad Yadav from AIMIM.

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