Commissioning of ethanol plants in Bihar by 30 September. Patna News

Patna: The Central Government has extended the deadline to start the plant, giving great relief to the companies setting up ethanol units in Bihar. ethanol production plant In the state till September 30, former Industries Minister and BJP national spokesperson Syed Shahnawaz Hussain said on Saturday.
Shahnawaz said that according to the agreement with the oil marketing companies, ethanol will be procured from the production plants to be set up in Bihar.
“The date for commissioning of all 17 ethanol production plants in Bihar was set for January 15 this year. Some companies have completed construction on time and started production of ethanol. However, some companies are facing slight delay in completion of construction due to various valid reasons. In a statement issued on Saturday, Shahnawaz said, “The extension of the deadline for commissioning of all ethanol plants in Bihar till September 30 has come as a big relief to all serious investors.”
Shahnawaz said that he visited the 500 kiloliter (kl) ethanol plant being built on Parwalpur In Nalanda on Wednesday. “It was heartening to see the ethanol plant being built over a large area there. Shahnawaz said, we are keen to see all the approved ethanol plants in Bihar and start production after completing the construction.
State government started Ethanol Production Promotion Policy In March 2021, Bihar became the first state in the country to have its own ethanol promotion policy under the National Biofuel Policy, 2018. The State Ethanol Policy has allowed extraction of ethanol from surplus quantity of maize, which was earlier limited only to sugarcane. ,

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