Unable to tolerate loud music, groom dies of heart attack in Bihar’s Sitamarhi. Patna News

Patna: The wedding ceremony turned into a pall of gloom when a groom suffered a heart attack and died shortly after garlanding the bride on the stage. Indarwa Village In Sitamarhi District, Wednesday late night. According to family members, the groom collapsed on the stage after feeling uncomfortable with the loud sound of the DJ at the varmala ceremony.
Surendra KumarThe 22-year-old resident of Sitamarhi’s Manithar village had taken her wedding procession to the bride’s house in Indarwa village on Wednesday and everyone was happy to see the groom on the stage. Within no time, the bride also reached the stage and the couple garlanded each other. Just then, the DJ starts playing loud music and the youths in his baraat start dancing to the latest numbers.
Eyewitnesses said that the high-frequency sound bothered the groom, who repeatedly asked to reduce the volume or at least keep the DJ away, but no one considered his request.
A local villager Ramanandan Rai told local media, “We saw him collapse on the stage. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital, but doctors declared him brought dead.” His last rites were performed in his village on Thursday.
‘loud noise affects hearing ability, anxiety may increase’
The incident highlights how the current trend of entertainment coupled with open violation of the guidelines issued by the regulatory body is now taking away the joy from people’s lives and causing serious health complications. Old-timers say that it was generally a quiet wedding in their time, but now it is full of sound and raucous that makes no sense. “The DJ had not come then, though old music was played over the loudspeakers.
Earlier, weddings meant etiquette and decorum but today, they have been replaced by DJ sounds and celebratory firing as they have become status symbols,” recalled former professor Sachindra Narayan. The Bihar State Pollution Control Board (BRPCB) has recommended maintaining environmental noise at 55 decibels (dB) during day time and 45 dB at night time for residential areas, but people are flouting this rule. “The problem starts when you exceed the permissible limit which makes people prone to eardrum problems, cardiac problems, insomnia and lung related diseases, but people hardly pay attention to it.”
BSPCB chairman Ashok Kumar Ghosh told TOI on Friday. According to him, he has banned playing loudspeakers and DJs after 10 pm and has issued instructions to play music within the prescribed limit. “But you must know that we are only an advisory body. We do not have the power or agency to execute the order, though we take cognizance of the matter and inform the district administration,” Ghosh said. “Apart from hearing loss, loud noise increases the risk of anxiety, depression and heart attacks, yet the use of DJs and loudspeakers during weddings, festival times and other social functions remains unregulated in the state and anyone Doesn’t take it seriously,” said ENT specialist Dr Prabhat Shankar. He said that he would request IMA to look into the matter.

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