Rakhi Sawant, who returned to Mumbai after performing Umrah, was warmly welcomed at the airport.

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Rakhi Sawant Video:

Rakhi Sawant, an entertainment queen, recently performed Umrah in Mecca and returned to Mumbai, where she was welcomed with flowers from friends and fans. Paparazzi shouted her name, but she refused to be called Fatima. After leaving the airport, a man garlanded her, but she turned back and took the garland in her hand. The man then allowed a woman to wear a necklace around his neck.

said this to paparazzi
Everyone shouted Rakhi’s name, but Rakhi responded, “Speak Fatima,” and paparazzi agreed, calling her Fatima.


Will the name change in the document?
A reporter inquired about Rakhi’s decision to change her name in a document, Rakhi responded that God has created her as she is and loves her as she is, and does not want her to change her name.

Rakhi shared many videos
Rakhi Sawant, who performed Umrah, shared viral videos of her crying from Mecca, a publicity stunt that gained attention on social media.

Rakhi converted to Islam to marry Adil Khan, who later filed a police complaint against him and was arrested after a woman accused Adil of rape.


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