Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin’s son, Udhayanidhi, has sparked controversy, with some comparing Sanatana dharma to malaria.

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Udhayanidhi Stalin, who is the son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, made a controversial statement on Saturday. He compared Sanatana dharma to diseases like dengue and malaria and said that it should be eradicated instead of simply resisted. According to Udhayanidhi Stalin, Sanatana Dharma is against social justice and equality. He made this statement during a Sanatana Abolition Conference. He further explained that some things cannot be merely opposed but should be abolished altogether. He gave examples of diseases like dengue, mosquitoes, malaria, and corona that need to be eradicated. Udhayanidhi Stalin then went on to say that Sanatana Dharma should be eradicated in a similar way. went on to say that Sanatana dharma should be eradicated in a similar way.

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin’s son, Udhayanidhi Stalin, has criticized the DMK government’s minister for youth welfare and sports development for his comments on Sanatana dharma, which he believes is against social justice and equality. Stalin, son of Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin, has connected Sanatana dharma to malaria and dengue and believes it should be completely destroyed, not merely condemned. He advocates for the extermination of Sanatana dharma adherents, who make up 80% of Bharat’s people. The DMK, a well-known opposition figure and Congress’s longtime ally, is a member of the opposition INDIA group, whose leaders recently gathered in Mumbai to plan measures for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Stalin responded by claiming that he never asked for the genocide of Sanatana Dharma adherents and that he was speaking for underrepresented groups suffering as a result of Sanatana dharma. He stated that he would be ready to defend his comments in court if necessary and that the DMK government would work to maintain social justice and create an egalitarian society under Stalin’s direction.



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