Meta introduces new ‘Creative Expression’ tool, Facebook users can now create 90-second reels

Meta has launched new tools for creators on Facebook with its latest ‘Creative Expression’ feature. This includes reels of up to 90 seconds, which were earlier limited to 60 seconds.

Previously, Meta has taken a stand to support teens in managing their online privacy. With the launch of ‘Take It Down’, they are equipping young users with the tools they need to stay safe on Facebook and Instagram.

Manufacturers rejoice: ready-made reels are now available!

The company on Friday unveiled its latest feature, ready-made reels from its Meta for Creators account. Now, content creators can easily create 90-second reels from memories, grooves, and templates.

90-second reels: Facebook now offers content creators the ability to create reels of up to 90 seconds.

Memories Ready Reels: Memories offers pre-made Reels that enable you to share your memorable moments on Reels with just a tap of a button.

Grooves: Using Visual Beat technology, the tempo of your videos can now be automatically synchronized to the beat of your favorite song.

Templates: A new approach for individuals to easily create trending reels using pre-designed templates.


Meta has announced that their new feature Reels is now being implemented in over 150 countries and is available on both iOS and Android.

Announcing the features, Meta posted

Use Reels to create immersive videos that entertain your fans and help introduce your content to new audiences. Whether you choose to create on Facebook or Instagram, Reels is the best place to grow creatively, grow your community, and advance your career.

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