Microsoft Bing Achieves 100 Million Daily Active Users; AI Chat now supports up to 10 per session

Last month, Microsoft released the new AI-powered Bing and Edge to the world as ‘co-pilots for the web’. New Bing and Edge have made great strides in the first month and are mentioned as products that are helping to shape our future product development.

New Bing Preview Bing Surpasses 100M Daily Active Users

Microsoft announced that its Bing search engine has passed the 100 million daily active users milestone for the first time in its history. This is a big deal, as it shows steady progress since its launch.

In addition, 1/3 of users who are part of the Bing Chat preview are actively using it daily and 45 million chats have been conducted since launch. Although the number is less than Google’s, Microsoft is still pleased with its growth.

According to the company, two factors are driving the trial and use:

  • Microsoft Edge usage has been growing steadily for the past seven quarters; New capabilities like Bing Search and Create in the Edge Sidebar will drive its growth.
  • Bing search quality has taken a significant jump in relevance due to the introduction of the Prometheus model, thus reaching an all-time high.

Microsoft is confident in its growth with Bing and Edge, as the company has seen a 6x increase in daily active users with the launch of its new Bing app.

To continue this growth, the company is introducing new AI features and plans to talk about the future of work with AI at an event on March 16. With its “search + answer + chat + build” experience, Microsoft is sure to revolutionize the search engine.

Microsoft increases chat turns per day and per session

Bing Chat is now offering up to 10 chats per session and 120 total chats per day, an increase from the previous limit of 50 chat turns per day and 5 chat turns per session. The change was announced by Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President.

Speaking on the announcement, Yousuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Consumer, Microsoft said,

It’s been an amazing 30 days and the team is energized to continue to iterate and improve Bing and Edge to deliver the next generation of search and we look forward to becoming your trusted co-pilot for the web.

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