NOPE launches smart gadgets and mobile accessories in India

NOPE, a GenZ-centric brand, has launched its first line of mobile accessories and smart gadgets with 15 brand partners and 370+ distributors in India.

Smart Gadgets & Mobile Accessories

NOPE has launched a comprehensive product portfolio targeting the young and vibrant audiophiles. This includes neckbands, TWS earbuds (Echo, Neo, Buddy and Shots) and Bluetooth speakers (‘Boom’ and ‘Buzz’). These products offer features like Type C fast charging, Google Assistant and Siri support, touch controls, and 13mm drivers.

NOPE’s range also includes smart gadgets and mobile accessories such as smartwatches, fit bands, USB chargers, USB and Type-C charging cables, car chargers, power banks and wireless chargers.

Distribution and Partnership Model of NOPE

NOPE relies on its distribution network and distributor-centric approach to meet the growing demands of customers. With 15 brand partners, access to 370+ distributors, 30000+ retail points, NOPE’s distribution expertise, partnership model and focus on research and development can be key to a brand’s success.

The brand is also leveraging its omnichannel network, from B2B distribution channels to online marketplaces and its own platforms, to prioritize quality.

Led by Keshav Arora, the head behind the brand, NOPE intends to be the unconventional choice for the youth. Keshav, who has 22 years of sales and marketing experience, expressed his excitement and explained what customers can expect from the brand.

Tamannaah Bhatia as brand ambassador

The brand has chosen Bollywood actress, Tamannaah Bhatia as its brand ambassador because of her fun and easy going demeanor which reflects the brand. Tamannaah is a pleasure to work with, charms the youth, and oozes confidence. Most importantly, she embodies the core values ​​of the brand, which are ‘Young, Fresh and Bright’.

Pricing and Availability

NOPE’s products come in a variety of colors and capacities, with prices ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 3000.

Speaking on the announcement, Keshav Arora, Managing Partner, NOPE said,

We look forward to ushering in the next wave of innovation in the smart gadgets and mobile accessories market with NOPE’s relentless efforts to promote the best technology and quality in the times to come.

Our focus is on providing excellent value to our users who believe in the mantra of being young, fresh and radiant – the core values ​​that will be synonymous with every product that you will find from the house of ‘NOPE’.

Youth remains at the heart of our positioning, and we have our eyes set on having multiple options for anyone and everyone willing to experience what smart and futuristic technology the industry has to offer.

We strive to be the largest smart gadget and mobile accessory brand in India. We aim to achieve ₹300 crore revenue this financial year, and grow from there. NOPE aims to become a 1000 crore brand in the next three years.

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