Samsung denies development of custom CPU cores

Samsung went all-in on Snapdragon chips for its recently released Galaxy S23 series. Furthermore, it is expected that the company will follow it up with its upcoming Galaxy S24 series. According to recent reports, Samsung has resumed development of custom CPU cores for future Galaxy devices. At the same time, Samsung claims that these reports are false.

Samsung has issued an official statement in response to the rumor sammobile They are calling development a liar. This clearly shows that the company has not started developing custom CPU cores for future smartphones, tablets and laptops.

A recent media report that Samsung has established an internal team dedicated to CPU core development is not true. Contrary to the news, we have had several internal teams responsible for the development and optimization of CPUs for a long time, while constantly recruiting global talent from relevant fields.

Historically, Samsung’s Exynos chips have used stock CPU cores from ARM, and this may continue, according to the statement. If so, OEMs would be unable to make changes to their stock core design due to ARM’s recent licensing terms.

Samsung is yet to hold back when it comes to custom chipsets, although work is underway on developing them from scratch. If all goes well, Samsung’s flagship chipset should be available in the coming years.

We hope that the upcoming Exynos 2400 chipset will enable a comeback. The CPU, as reported earlier, will be a 10-core architecture, unlike the current octa-core CPUs. In the coming months, we should know more about the situation.


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