Spotify update brings Discovery feed, Smart Shuffle for playlists and more

Spotify has undergone a major redesign, leveraging its investments in personalization technology and drawing inspiration from TikTok’s short-form video feed.

Users and subscribers will have access to new features including a vertically scrolling “Discovery” feed, “Smart Shuffle” mode, podcast autoplay and more. The redesign comes after their impressive Q4 2022 financial results, which saw 205 million paid subscribers.

According to the company, data shows that more listeners become committed fans after previewing the content they are about to hear. The new features are part of Spotify’s mission to forge deeper connections between artists and fans.

Discover new music, podcasts and audiobooks with ease at home: Browse through visual and audio previews of playlists, albums, podcast episodes and audiobooks personalized just for you. Tap to save, share, explore the artist or podcast pages, or continue listening from where the preview left off. After previewing, you can:

Save, download or share with just one tap: Queue with the plus (+) icon, or the three dots below the preview, to save and download.
Play from scratch: Press Play to listen, and for podcasts, tap “Continue listening” from where it began.
Dive even deeper: Tap on a recommendation to access its associated playlist, album or single.

Podcast and Show Feeds: Quickly access your favorite content at the top of the feed. Get a preview of each episode with real-time transcription and video podcasts. You can even join the conversation, even if you can’t turn on the sound.

Audiobook Feed: Quickly access the top of your personalized audiobook recommendations of purchased or saved audiobooks, and get perfect previews with up to five minutes of audio.

New search feed in Search: Find new tracks from your favorite genres with Search! Scroll up or down to explore Canvas clips, save songs to playlists, follow artists, share with friends, or explore related genres using hashtags. You can even preview tracks on your favorite playlists!

DJ: Discover DJ, a new personalized AI guide for Premium users in the US and Canada. DJ is your personal music curator, curating the perfect soundtrack for every moment.

With its smart recommendations, it can select songs to suit your tastes and create a unique listening experience just for you.

Smart Shuffle: This feature helps keep your listening sessions fresh, with personalized recommendations that match the vibe of your original playlist.

Autoplay for podcasts: One feature takes it a step further; When a podcast ends, the relevant episode tailored to your taste will automatically start playing!


Spotify is rolling out seamless music, podcast and audiobook previews for premium and free users on iOS and Android.

  • Music and podcast previews are available globally.
  • Audiobook previews are available in select countries – US, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand!

Speaking on the announcement, Gustav Söderstrom, Co-President and Chief Product and Technology Officer, said

The world today pulls us in a million different directions. That’s why the most important thing we can do for creators on Spotify is to bridge the gap between their art and the people who love it. , , Or who will like it as soon as they find it.

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