Around the world for 3 years: This cruise will cover 135 countries. check package

Bookings have been announced for a three-year round-the-world ship voyage by Life at Sea Cruises, covering more than 135 countries across seven continents. Cruises offer passengers to live, work, and explore, all from a “home at sea” onboard the ship.

The cruise will visit 13 of the 14 ‘Wonders of the World’ with packages starting at $29,999. 24,51,300) to $109,999 ( 89,88,320) per person for one year.

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The MV Gemini vessel, which has 400 cabins and room for 1,074 passengers, will sail from Istanbul on November 1 with pick-ups in Barcelona and Miami, The Independent reported.

“Professionals need connectivity, the right features and functionality to do their job. There is no other cruise that offers this kind of flexibility to its customers,” Life at Sea Cruises Managing Director Mikael Petersen told The Independent told.

Packages include access to all dining venues and wine with dinner, a state-of-the-art wellness center, sundeck and swimming pool, high-speed Internet, entertainment, “prosperity seminars” and housekeeping with 24-hour on-call. Hospital with free medical visits.

At each port, the ship will stop for several days to allow its passengers to explore their leisure time, Travel & Leisure reports, adding that the cruise will stop at 100 islands, including several Caribbean and Central American tours. It will also spend 98 days in South America and Antarctica.

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