At least seven killed, several injured in shooting in Germany: report

Reuters | , Posted by Ritu Maria Johny

At least seven people were killed and several others injured in a shooting in the northern German city of Hamburg, Focus online media reported on Thursday, citing the fire service.

The criminals are on the run, The Focus reported, adding emergency services and doctors were at the scene.

German police said Thursday that several people were killed in a shooting at a church in Hamburg.

Police said the shooting happened around 9 p.m., with “one or more unknown” assailants.

“According to preliminary indications, shots were fired at a church in Delboj Street, Grossborstel district. Several people were seriously injured, some even lost their lives,” police said on Twitter.

He used a disaster alert app to alert people to the “extreme danger” in the area.

Police said residents should stay indoors and avoid the area, with roads surrounding the church closed.

German media also reported that the perpetrator is on the run.

(With inputs from AFP)

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