‘Chinese diplomats should dance with wolves’: FM Qin gang’s viral comment on ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has become a topic of discussion on Chinese social media for his comments on the “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy Discourse Trap” and “Chinese diplomats should dance with wolves”, reports What’s on Weibo.

Gang made the remarks while addressing annual parliamentary meetings in China, known as the “two sessions”, which are in full swing this week. They began this weekend at the Great Hall of the People in the Chinese capital and are scheduled to end on March 13.

A report published in What’s on Weibo said that the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCP) is a major political event, closely followed by domestic and international media, especially ostensibly because it sets policy priorities for the coming year and is also the first plenary session since the end of the COVID pandemic and the 20th Party Congress.

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China’s new Foreign Minister Qin Gang attended the event. Qin Gang held a press conference on March 7 to answer questions about foreign policy and Sino-US relations.

Responding to a question, Qin said that when he became China’s ambassador to the US, the Western media made headlines that the “wolf warrior” had arrived. Qin served as ambassador from 2021 to 2023. “Now that I’ve come back and taken over as foreign minister, they no longer refer to me as if I’ve lost something,” Qin continued.

He said that in fact, the so-called ‘wolf warrior diplomacy’ is a discourse trap, and the people making it either do not understand China and Chinese diplomacy, or they disregard the facts and have ulterior motives. “Confucius said 2,000 years ago that kindness should be repaid with kindness, and that enmity should be repaid with justice. China’s diplomacy is full of kindness and benevolence, but when wolves cross our path and attack If so, Chinese diplomats should ‘dance the wolves’ to defend their country,” he said.

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Qin used the term “discourse trap” to describe how the term “wolf warrior diplomacy” has become entrenched in Western discourse involving China’s foreign policy, making it difficult to think outside the box or see the pattern at hand. It becomes difficult to understand better.

Around 2020, “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” became a Western media buzzword for China’s style of foreign diplomacy. It refers to the Chinese patriotic action blockbusters “Wolf Warrior” and its sequel “Wolf Warrior II”, which became one of the highest-grossing films in mainland China and a social media sensation.

Wolf Warrior II, starring Wu Jing, tells the story of special forces soldier Leng Feng, who battles brutal foreign mercenaries while aiding Chinese civilians during a civil war in Africa.

‘Wolf warrior diplomacy’ is a term used in Western media to describe a new style of diplomacy that is harsher than the more conservative conversational approach typically adopted by mainland Chinese diplomats prior to 2019/2020 was more confrontational.

Qin’s comments came a day after President Xi Jinping criticized the US in unusually direct words, blaming US leaders for suppressing China, which hindered China’s development, according to a Whats on Weibo report. Did.

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