Citing PM Modi’s ‘not an era of war’ statement on Russia, US said, ‘India has…’

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US expressed hope that it could work with India to end Russia’s aggression on Ukraine. Praising PM Modi, Ned Price said, “India has the ability that we have seen from Prime Minister Modi to speak with tremendous moral clarity. When PM Modi said last year, “This is not an era of war” , the world listened to him. Because when Prime Minister Modi and his country say something to that effect, it is meaningful to the United States, it is meaningful to Russia, it is meaningful to countries near and far “

“We will continue to work with our Indian partners, of course they have a unique role in this as the G20 host. But, also as a country with which we have a global strategic partnership and as a country that which has a unique relationship with Russia, which we do not and as India has consistently expressed, this is not and should not be an era of war,” he told the Russian Federation on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Samarkand last year. Mentioned a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and PM Modi. , PM Modi had then told the Russian President, ‘Today’s era is not of war and I have talked to you about this on the call.’

Ned Price continued, “We hope that we can work together with India to end this war, an end to this Russian aggression that is tolerable at its core and very much the fault of the Russian Federation.” in line with the principles.” United Nations Charter.” Price said that India has old and historical relations with Russia and it is connected to Russia in many ways that the US is not.

He also said that India has relations with Russia which are different from US relations with Moscow.

“There are countries around the world that have a relationship with Russia that is different from ours, India certainly falls into that category. India has a long historical relationship with Russia. It has engaged with Russia in ways that Like the United States hasn’t. And hasn’t for that matter. India also has a tremendous advantage in various fields whether it’s economic advantage, diplomatic advantage, political advantage, but also moral advantage,” Ned Price said.

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