Diana did this to take a break, dance partner said- ‘Charles never knew’

Princess Diana’s former dance partner reveals how the royal will take a break from everyday life. Choreographer Wayne Sleep appeared on BBC Radio 3’s Private Passions to make the surprising revelation. Talking about his friendship with Princess Diana and the relationship between the two, the British dancer said, “We used to keep it a secret by going to different places all the time and a lot was done on the phone because I was away.” And she’ll be away.

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The dancer said, “I don’t think Charles knew about it.”

Princess Diana approached Wayne Sleep to perform a dance routine as part of a charity gala for the Friends of Covent Garden and the Royal Ballet. Initially, the dancer was skeptical of dancing with the princess given their significant height difference. Wayne Sleep recalled how Princess Diana called him a “naughty boy” after he admitted to having “too many late nights” during their first meeting. He said the two kept in touch after his performance at the Royal Opera House.

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“Whenever we saw each other again, the shoes would be taken off at my flat, she would wash the dishes. It would be fun and we’d giggle,” Wayne Sleep said. “I guess she didn’t come out to me for the serious part that was going on in my life at the time, and things were moving so fast out there; I think she just came to me for a break.

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