Does bird flu spread from humans to humans? What Cambodia found after 2 cases

Cambodian health officials ruled out the possibility of human-to-human transmission of bird flu after two cases in the country raised the alarm. A father and daughter who were recently infected with bird flu in Cambodia were infected through direct contact with sick animals, health officials said.

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Two recent cases in Cambodia have raised concerns that it may be possible that the disease is spreading human-to-human. Last month, an 11-year-old girl died of the H5N1 virus in the country after her father was diagnosed with it. The man later recovered from the virus after being hospitalized, Cambodia’s health ministry said in a statement, while tests on 51 others, including 20 of his close contacts and 31 showing flu-like symptoms, were all negative. .

“Both cases have been concluded to be H5N1 virus transmission from poultry, and the incident is not human-to-human transmission,” the statement said.

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Samples of the virus taken from both the girl and her father showed genetic changes that occur when it passes from a bird to a human, said the analysis carried out at the virology unit of the Institut Pasteur du Cambouse, indicating mutation or adaptation. There was no signal. transmit it more among mammals.

Cambodia also sent the complete genome virus sequence to GISAID. The strain currently found in Cambodia is known as which has dominated Southeast Asia for years.

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