Indian national shot dead after stabbing cleaner in Australia’s Sydney: report

A 32-year-old Indian national was shot dead by Australian police after allegedly stabbing a cleaner and threatening to stab police officers, a report said. The Sydney Morning Herald report identified the Indian national as Mohammed Rahmatullah Syed Ahmed, while the Indian Consulate General in Australia said he was from Tamil Nadu and living in Auburn on a bridging visa.

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The report states that Mohd Rahmatullah Syed Ahmed stabbed a cleaner and then threatened the police officers with a knife, then was shot by the police. About five minutes later.

The Consulate General of India in Australia told The Sydney Morning Herald, “This incident is extremely disturbing and unfortunate. We have formally taken up the matter with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NSW office as well as state police officers “

Reports said Mohd Rahmatullah Syed Ahmed was treated at the scene by paramedics after being shot and then taken to Westmead Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith said officers had only seconds to respond and were left with no choice but to shoot Mohammed Rahmatullah Syed Ahmed.

“I fully support these officers. It is painful. This is an important incident in one of our police stations. There is no immediate time yet. It is immediate. He launches through the glass doors at the officers; He had little time to react,” said the police assistant.

“Obviously, when someone arms himself with a knife and stabs a person and then tries to attack the police, that is the CCTV footage, [it] highly considerable. When it is involved, it triggers a number of intelligence responses and investigative responses that we are dealing with,” he said.

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