Kate Middleton reveals this is her favorite food during chat with 109-year-old

Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, made a surprising revelation about one of her favorite foods to eat during a chat with a woman as the Princess of Wales visited a nursing home. At Oxford House Nursing Home in Slough. Kate Middleton visits Nora, a 109-year-old resident with her grandchildren Lynne and John.

Kate Middleton asked Nora what her favorite food was, to which Nora replied that it was kidney beans and Brussels sprouts. Kate Middleton surprisingly replied, “I love the kidney too.”

Sky News reported that Kate Middleton was seen during a visit to Oxford House Nursing Home spending time learning how the family-run business is providing care for the elderly. He also interacted with the residents and talked about the use of technology in the nursery home.

Kate Middleton also took part in a pancake-making activity, during which she failed to flip a pancake and joked that her children would boycott her pancakes, “Maybe the kids won’t want to do pancakes… ‘Mummy, we saw you. Do it – no way’.

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