‘My mum felt…’: Prince Harry on the royal family and coming from a ‘broken home’

In an interview with Dr Gabor Mate, Prince Harry revealed he always felt “a little bit different” from the rest of the royal family. Describing himself as someone who comes from a “broken home”, Prince Harry said he was trying not to pass the “trauma” onto his children.

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The interview comes after the publication of Prince Harry’s explosive memoir Spare in which he detailed his relationship with his father King Charles III and brother Prince William.

“I’ve definitely felt throughout my life, my younger years, I felt a little bit different from the rest of my family,” Prince Harry said. “I felt awkward in this container,” he said, referring to his late mother Princess Diana, and I know my mother felt the same way, so it makes sense to me.

Prince Harry also credited his wife, Meghan Markle, for “saving” him.

“I was trapped in this world, and she was from another world and helped me out,” Prince Harry said, describing her as “an extraordinary human being.” Prince Harry has stepped down from royal life with his wife, Meghan Markle.

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Prince Harry said, “I feel there’s a huge responsibility in not passing on any trauma or negative experiences, either growing up as a child or as a man.” With that love to them but I can’t.”

Prince Harry said that together with Meghan Markle they were “trying to learn from their past and mistakes that overlapped, perhaps, and were moving to break that cycle”.

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