Revenge Poison? Several Iranian schoolgirls fall ill after possible poisonous gas attack

Hundreds of schoolgirls have been taken to hospitals across Iran following suspected chemical attacks on the country’s girls’ schools, various media reports suggested. Unexplained illnesses among schoolgirls have been observed since November last year. So far, at least 300 girls in more than a dozen cities have been treated for various symptoms of unknown origin, Bloomberg reported.

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Protests against the suspected poisoning attacks continued in Tehran and other cities across the country, with several unverified videos showing on social media. Meanwhile, local media reported that more than 120 girls were treated in Hamidan and Kabudarahang for nausea, fatigue and dizziness. Suspected poisonings were reported at girls’ schools in five cities near Tehran, including Eslamshahr, Shahryar and Robat Karim, Bloomberg reports.

Mehr news agency said the first incident of poisoning was recorded in Qom when 44 girls were taken to hospital. Apart from 30 girl students of a girls’ high school in Urmia, three staff members were also taken to the hospital. Some local media reports also suggested that boys at a school in the western city of Boroujard were targeted with gas poisoning.

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It came earlier this week Iran said it was investigating reports of suspected poisoning, however, no one had been arrested in connection with the incidents, Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi said there were no deaths from the incidents. Samples taken from 52 schools are being tested and it is “suspicious”.

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