Suella Braverman says Britain’s ‘political correctness allows Islamist terrorists to flourish’

UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman cautioned against “political correctness” in British national security, saying it has created a blind spot for Islamic extremism to flourish. At an anti-extremism conference, Suella Braverman said that a “highly co-ordinated” Islamist network was operating in the United Kingdom despite appearing “completely respectable” but having extremist views beneath the surface.

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“We have a blind spot in the system. It has allowed some Islamic groups to operate under our radar. There can be no room for political correctness in our national security. In fact, I want to eliminate it altogether.” Would love to do,” Suella Braverman said.

The comments came during Prevent – an independent review of the UK government’s counter-insurgency programme. Suella Braverman also took aim at advocacy groups such as MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development) and CAGE.

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Suella Braverman said, “Groups like Mend and Cage have consistently pursued harmful and dishonest narratives that have, until now, gone largely unreported. Their members have repeatedly engaged in the demonization of Muslims, who have been involved in counter-terrorism efforts.” cooperate.”

“Extremism is dangerous not only because it can lead to violence. It is dangerous in its own right. And until we deal with it comprehensively, we should not be surprised when it continues to endure and grow – our shared norms , with devastating consequences for values, basic rights and freedoms,” she said.

Cage and Mend both criticized Suella Braverman’s comments.

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