‘Support constructive dialogue between India and Pakistan, but…’: US

The United States on Thursday reiterated that India is its global strategic partner, and at the same time, supports “constructive dialogue” between India and Pakistan to resolve their long-standing disputes. Price, however, said that the decision has to be taken by the two neighboring countries themselves.

“We support constructive dialogue. We support diplomacy between India and Pakistan to resolve long-standing disputes. “We are a partner and we stand ready to support that process in any way that they see fit,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price said at a press briefing.

“But ultimately these are decisions that India and Pakistan will have to make on their own… It is not the job of the US to dictate the modalities or the methods of dialogue between India and Pakistan,” Price said.

Price’s statement came at a time when Pakistan on Thursday decided not to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) chief justices’ meeting to be held in New Delhi on March 10-12.

Pakistan will be the only country to skip the organized meeting.

Price on relations with India America’s message about India and India is consistent. Responding to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent visit to India and his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, “India is a global strategic partner of America.”

“Secretary met with PM when he was in Delhi for G20. I am not in a position to elaborate on what transpired between them.

Blinken was in India to participate in the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and the Raisina Dialogue.

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