Video: Burning embers are raining on the streets, a huge fire broke out in the skyscraper of Hong Kong

News agency Reuters reported that a massive fire broke out in a skyscraper in Hong Kong. The fire broke out shortly after midnight in an under-construction skyscraper in a shopping district of the city, reports said.

Videos and photos from the massive fire were widely shared on social media and showed the skyscraper engulfed in flames and the sound of explosions from within the structure. Fox News reported that two people were taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

The footage showed embers and burning debris raining down on the streets as firefighters tried to bring the blaze under control. The construction site is the former location of the defunct Mariners’ Club, opened by Hong Kong Governor David Trench in 1967, Reuters reported.

The old building was demolished in 2018 and replaced by a 42-storey Kimpton Hotel, reports said. The skyscraper—which has now been damaged by the fire—was expected to have 500 rooms in 3,40,000 square feet.

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