Vladimir Putin now planning ‘mass suicide attack’ on Ukrainians: report

A report claims Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning to order “mass suicide attacks” by the country’s military in Ukraine. The order could be in place for another three months, The Mirror, citing a confidential assessment of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, claimed that “Vladimir Putin’s offensive has befallen military weakness, failure, inefficiency, death and injury”. Has gone.” ”, he can take recourse to this decision.

The report comes as Russia’s losses continue to mount, just over a year after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The report claimed that Vladimir Putin is facing three scenarios according to experts – One is that Russia’s actions could put the country and its neighbors at risk of attacks. The second is that Ukraine reaches a breakthrough with the help of arms deliveries from the West and the third is that Russia’s invasion could fall through after “creeping Russian military stagnation and Putin’s domestic loss of confidence in the war”.

The latest assessment, according to the report, says “the Russians have not been able to develop an effective offensive anywhere in the last few weeks at mass enough force densities”, that is, “more of the same”, i.e. the pace of the grind has increased. The Russians have so far proved unable to effectively coordinate a combined arms attack, or provide sufficient logistical support for success. The Russian military hasn’t practiced it for 30 years and it seems to be beyond their capability.

It states, “The strategy of the main ground forces is an almost suicidal massed infantry attack with insufficiently trained troops under the cover of heavy artillery.”

The report claims that Moscow has lost more than 200 warplanes in more than a year of war, “Manned aircraft on the Russian side – will continue to play a smaller role than expected. This is undoubtedly due to the lethality of air defense missiles.” reason.

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