Watch: Australian MP asked question to his colleague in Parliament then…

A politician from Australia’s Victoria proposed to his partner in the country’s parliament. “I think we should get married,” Labor MP Nathan Lambert told his partner Noah Ehrlich, amid jubilant responses from other politicians.

“I won’t be bringing any rings anymore, because I’m not allowed to have any props. But it’s safely stored away at the moment and I’m actually planning on getting one tonight in about 10 minutes after the kids are asleep and we’re tired.” Beach is planning to bring it out in a very romantic way,” said Nathan Lambert as other politicians clapped.

The Guardian reported that Nathan Lambert presented his partner with a ring after the speech. “She said yes which was great,” he said. Nathan Lambert represents the North Melbourne electorate of Preston.

He chose to propose to his partner in Parliament because he wanted to make the proposal special. “There were no French holidays planned or other things people might traditionally do. It seemed like an opportunity,” he told The Guardian.

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